Let’s face it, everywhere you look there’s a photographer. We live in a world surrounded by images! We’re taking and sharing photos at a pace I can’t even comprehend. When it comes to your wedding day, this is it!  There will be no “redo” button or second chances. You’ve worked so hard planning your perfect wedding, now what? Find your perfect photographer of course! However, finding that perfect photographer to document your special day is no easy feat.

Once you’ve connected with your photographer, here are a few things, in my opinion, you should keep in mind to get the most from your wedding photography experience.

1.  Beauty is in the quality

If given the choice between quality versus quantity, I think most of us would choose quality every time!  You don’t ever want to look back 30-40 years from now and have any regrets. Your images should be beautiful, timeless, and authentic and not slapped with the latest trendy filters. That means, not overdoing it with post-processing. An experienced photographer will have the skills to produce these types of images. These are your wedding photos and you’re going to cherish them for years to come.  There’s no better way to preserve your memories than having your photographer create beautiful albums and books for you. Make sure your albums are made from the highest quality materials possible. You may have to invest a little more but trust me, it’ll pay for itself when you’re passing it down to the next generation.

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2.  Storytelling vs. Posed?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to candid versus posed images. This is definitely a matter of personal preference by you. There are a lot of quality professionals out there who are creating gorgeous images, but there are the really experienced pros who know how to do candid and posed quite well.  What matters here is your experience with the photography process. Your wedding is a fast-paced event and your photographer shouldn’t be spending a ton of time “posing” you. We love working with our clients to produce natural and carefree images. Sometimes, it requires just a little bit of posing but nothing that’ll look unnatural and “cheesy!” After all, the goal here is to have images that will represent who you are and the joy you’re feeling on your big day!

Keep in mind that posed images have their place like family portraits or a few with your bridal party but would you want your whole day to look produced and manufactured? Capturing storytelling moments will have far more of an impact than those “smile at the camera” kind of photos.  For example, the moment your mom’s helping you get ready and her expression when she sees you for the first time in your dress or suit; when your dad walks in and sees you all grown up and looking so beautiful/handsome; you’re surrounded by your best friends telling stories and laughing or the moment your fiancé lays his/her eyes on you for the first time during your first look.  These are powerful moments and these are the moments that will be cherished forever!  Tell your story through your images!

3.  Be Spontaneous and have fun!

Not only should your photos look beautiful and professional they should also have a little bit of spontaneity and fun to them!  How do you do that? Find a photographer who has the personality to keep up with yours. Planning is great and necessary to keep everything in order but sometimes the best moments are unplanned and spontaneous. By the time your wedding day rolls around your photographer should feel like a good friend. Trusting your photographer like a good friend is a big deal. Communicating with him/her way before your day is important and will help you feel more at-ease. By this time, your photographer will have had plenty of time to get to know you and your personality so you’re more comfortable doing some “off the track” spontaneous shots.  Just make sure your photographer is willing to be involved in these spontaneous moments and make it fun!

4.  Make time for your photos

Time is a big deal and you’ve invested thousands of dollars for your photographer to document your wedding day so make sure to allocate enough time for him or her to photograph it to its fullest.  The more time you have the more relaxed you’ll be with the entire process. You’ll also get to enjoy your time more with your family and friends. An experienced photographer will know exactly how to use that time to make your day fun, relaxed, and still keep you on track. In the end, not only will your photographs be more thoughtful and beautiful but they’ll also represent you in a more natural and meaningful way on the biggest day of your lives together!

5.  Let GO!

It’s not easy being in the spotlight and in front of the camera all day. Allow yourself to let go, trust the process, and your photographer.  You’ve done all the planning you can do.  Now, it’s time to let go and have fun!

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