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One of the biggest questions people ask you about when planning your wedding is, “What are you going to do for food?!”

Full catering, brunch buffet, pizza, chicken or fish?

The options are endless and no matter what you choose, food is one of the most expensive portions of your wedding.

I knew that I wanted to have a food truck from the outset of the planning phase, but not long after starting my search I became discouraged. A lot of food trucks have a permanent spot – it might be hard to get your date because you’re asking for someone to fit you into, or work around, festival season.  But after weeks and weeks of searching, finally, I found it: the perfect food truck for our farm wedding.

Por’Ketta is a family-owned food truck that offers the best of fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

My fiancé, future sister in law, the little guy, and I packed up on one of those unusually sunny days we had in February and headed up to Buckeye Lake Brewery to do a little taste testing. Tony, the owner and head chef, set us up with an amazing tasting. We tried the Porchetta sandwich, Rotisserie Chicken sandwich, and my favorite: the grilled Portabella mushroom sandwich.

The sides were just as good as the main dishes, with a Yukon potato salad, corn and feta salad, and a cannellini bean roasted red pepper and kale salad. We were hooked. We didn’t need to try anything else; we booked right then and there, and can’t wait to have Por’ketta be a part of our wedding.

Tips for having a food truck wedding:

  1. Book way in advance, so your Food Truck doesn’t get booked for a festival!
    If your heart is set on a food truck, you may have to look at local festival schedules and plan accordingly.
  2. Find a Food Truck that matches your wedding aesthetic. (Something I really loved about Por’ketta was the mini globe lights and the rustic looking awning on the truck.)
  3. Have a menu clearly displayed so that your guests know what they want before they get to the window. Find a creative way to feature your dishes!
iPhone pics by Emma
iPhone pics by Emma

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